Pendleton Pillows By Kara Green Logo

My talented wife has been making pillows using dead stock pendleton fabrics...ofcourse I had to make the logo (under her direction)

for sale here

Yoga Veda

Logo for my wifes new yoga studio, yoga veda.

visit her website here:

Slow Loris #1

Slow Loris Video Zine #1 from steve green on Vimeo.

A new audio/video zine ill be doing shot mostly with a digital harinezumi camera.

Follow along at

Print Magazine Regional Design Award

(click image for larger view)

The Typeface (Americas Most Admired Companies) Justin and I created for Fortune magazine awhile back just won Print magazines regional design award.

Logo 4

New logo for Uncle Wil Thrashmores skatepark, Cream City.

logo 3

New logo for the Foundry Labs; a sound design studio based in New York City

logo 2

New logo for Milwaukee Wisconsin's own Kid Millions

LP artwork is coming soon....


new shop logo for Moda3.


an afternoon of skateboarding in stamford, ct.

music by michel polnareff

Dead Poets tee for Urban Outfitters


As seen on the Real World DC

Elvis Costello gets rad!

spotted in the feb.5, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone wearing the Revolution tee i made for Loomstate.

Obama tees

Joe and I made up 100 of these and left them in paperboxes around the city on inauguration morning.
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